Vixen Chat: Rosa Acosta Talks Classical Ballet Background, Transition Into Fitness, and Staying Fit this Holiday Season

 Red Star Access Presents G.O.O.D. Music Event In Houston Hosted By Rosa Acosta Featuring Cyhi The Prynce And Pusha T

VV: How exactly did a young girl fresh from the Dominican Republic end up doing music videos?

RA: It [music videos] was never really my thing but it all stemmed from an opportunity to do some stretching videos for a website that focuses on flexibility. The company hired a lot of ex-dancers and girls that have worked in the strip club and contortionists to show off their talents as well as physique. It was an opportunity to do something I enjoyed, stretching and dancing, and I was good at it so I accepted the gig. So I did that one video and next thing I knew it had a million plus views on YouTube after a few months and everybody was starting to ask who is this Rosa Acosta chick. From there people wanted me to be in their videos and everything blew up after that.

What exactly did these stretching videos entail that had everyone talking?

[Laughs] The video was actually supposed to go to a website where people pay to see it. It wasn’t meant to be on YouTube. What was on YouTube was a 1-minute teaser clip to get people to pay to watch the full video on the website. To me it wasn’t a big deal but welcome to America where people think doing a split is a big deal.

Was breaking into the modeling and being in the entertainment industry a goal you had when you came to America?

I never had any dreams or desires of doing music videos or anything like that. I didn’t think of myself as necessarily anything special because in the Dominican Republic there are thousands of “Rosa Acosta” looking girls walking around everywhere. Basically, I was just like another girl there. I was the norm. I wasn’t looking to get my name out there. I wasn’t planning on doing any of this.