Vixen Chat: Rosa Acosta Talks Classical Ballet Background, Transition Into Fitness, and Staying Fit this Holiday Season


VV: You’ve been in a handful of music videos but a fan-favorite is definitely Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video. How did that come about?

RA: Hype Williams connected me to Kanye, which ultimately lead to me being in the video. I had already done a few music videos with Hype and he said he was going to pass my information along to a guy named Kenny for another music video.  So this guy Kenny hit me up and was like, “I’m a big fan of yours and I love that you have a background in classical ballet,” so we agree to meet up. I show up and I see this big tall guy who waves at me so of course I’m thinking it’s Kenny and he’s like no, pointing across the room. It’s Kanye West. I was in shock because who knew all this time I was actually texting Kanye West not this Kenny guy. I was like “OMG, Kanye West said he’s a fan of mine.” From there we talked about doing the “Best I Ever Had” video and the rest is history. The opportunity was really good and opened a lot of other doors for me and gave me a platform for people to see who I was.

Another opportunity that opened many doors for you but mostly importantly diversified your fan base was your 2009 Supreme campaign ad. How was working with such an iconic visionary like Terry Richardson?

It was amazing. That was actually the biggest highlight of career as a video vixen/model because until myself the Supreme girl was always a penthouse bunny or a playboy girl. It was very  risqué or should I say very Terry Richardson style, but I had told him upfront that I don’t shoot any nudity. I do push the limits and I can do something really sexy but I’m not getting fully naked–no vagina, no ass crack. He made an exception and gave me a chance. Before myself, Supreme’s female models were your usual European-type so I’m proud to say I broke the mold.