Vixen Chat: Rosa Acosta Talks Classical Ballet Background, Transition Into Fitness, and Staying Fit this Holiday Season


VV: With your success in the entertainment world on fire, in the back of your mind were you still longing to pursue other things in life like your life-long passion of dance?

RA: Absolutely. First of all, it [music videos and modeling] was never something I was looking to do, but once the opportunity presented itself and people were paying me to party and things I’d probably be doing anyway I was like why not. In the back of my mind even with all this other stuff going on I was looking for this moment where I could transition into the things I truly had a passion for. Although I had no problem doing the music videos and photo-shoots that was not my passion, it just happened to be something I ended up doing. But once I had the opportunity to get in the business I was dreaming about this moment where I could be moving in a different direction towards what I really wanted to do.

What were some of the other things you were interested in pursuing?

There were things I really wanted to do that I never thought I would do. I went to massage therapy school so I thought I was going to own a spa one day. I thought I was first going to work at a spa, learn about the business, stack my money and start my own spa. It’s just funny how life works because what I thought I was going to be doing is the total opposite of what I’m actually doing but that’s life.

After a bit of a hiatus on the music video and modeling scene you’ve tactfully re-branded yourself into a full on fitness guru. How did this come about?

 I went through this process where I had to change my eating habits because they were awful. I was creating my own diet in my head and thinking that water was going to make me fat and drinking laxatives all day. I needed a change for health reasons not vanity so this was it.

While health was a main concern of yours, you too struggled with body image issues. How could this be true for the G.O.A.T. eye candy as crowned by XXL?

It’s a little different for me because I was a dancer so I was really skinny when I was younger. I was about 100 pounds until I came to this country. I’m about 140 pounds now and it’s everywhere– my legs, my butt, everywhere. I used to hate my legs and wanted to slim them down for years because as a dancer I was scrutinized about how big they were and I really hated it. I stopped fighting it when I went to Brazil and saw all these beautiful women with gorgeous thick legs. In that moment I realized you need to love who you are and work with what you’ve got. You’ve just got to find what you love about yourself and go with it and that’s what I’m doing. My legs are definitely my signature now.