Run It Back: VIBE’s 96 Most Repeat-Worthy Songs Of 2014


“Fancy” was great the first time you heard it. There was that bubbly, DJ Mustard-like instrumental, Charli XCX’s cocksure hook, and Iggy Azalea doing her best Trina impression. And that Clueless-inspired video? Fun times!

The song that catapulted Iggy to pop star status dropped in Feburary, and since then, we’ve heard it about 384,720 times. Literally. While awards shows have predictably honored “Fancy” across the board—we wouldn’t be surprised if Iggy won an NAACP Image Award at this point—quite frankly, we’d rather drink detergent than hear this chart-topping hit again. Fancy that.

You’ll find 2014’s epic, inescapable tracks on this retrospective list, but it’s not entirely about that. For this one, we focused on tracks that the VIBE staff has kept on a constant spin cycle over the course of the past 365. There are street records, urban pop hits and deep album cuts. Ninety-six in all, because, well, that’s the number we stopped on. Deal with it.

Vixens, head over to VIBE to check out the year-end list of songs we could hear ’bout fifty ‘leven times in a row… and not want to take a bottle of Tide to the head.


Photo Credit: via VIBE