Seth Rogen Heard Kanye West’s New Album (Kinda)

Seth Rogen and Kanye West shared a pretty special moment. Turns out the actor/comedian’s hilariously uncomfortable parody of West’s “Bound 2” video earned him a private listening session with Yeezus himself. And now, Rogen is one of few people that have heard West’s upcoming album. Well, kind of.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rogen recalled West inviting him to listening to new songs in a limo van – only the songs weren’t full songs:

Shortly after his and James Franco’s parody of the rapper’s “Bound 2″ video – “Bound 3,” in which the actor played the role of topless Kim Kardashian – West cornered Rogen at a New York hotel and invited him to his limo van for a listening session with a twist. “There’s no lyrics, only beats,” Rogen said. “So he raps the whole album, and after each song, he stops it, like, ‘So what do you think?’ We were in the van for two hours!”

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The details on West’s album have remained slim. Earlier this fall, Def Jam CEO Steve Bartels sung the project’s praises, calling the work “incredible.” Meanwhile, the rapper’s longtime collaborator Malik Yusef compared the album to a pair of Timberland boots.

“This album is different. It’s like a pair of Timberlands; like how Timberlands are not quite leather and not quite suede,” he said. “It’s not the smooth, slick Chicago music sound we have right now and it’s not the ruggedness of just ‘hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop.’”

Stay tuned for that release date.