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20 Life Lessons 'Sex & The City' Taught Us

The face of feminism forever changed on June 6, 1998 when HBO introduced the world to Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes– four friends on a quest for sex­­ (well mostly just Samantha) and love in the concrete jungle of New York.

Since its inception Sex & The City has become a championed cult classic, a true contender and mainstay in pop culture– influencing generations of females far and wide. Having been off the air for nearly a decade now there isn’t one girl that hasn’t compared her life an episode of SATC, hell even Jay-Z admitted in “Bonnie & Clyde” that Beyonce gets “Carrie-fever”.  For us ladies, these episodes are like commandments, a real handbook on the perils of life and love as the foursome tackles the oh-so-tough social realities of the first world like monogamy, being robbed in an alley for your new sling back Manolo’s, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and having sex like a guy.

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A girl who hasn’t dated a few idiots in her lifetime is a fool. Without those short-lived relationships you wouldn’t be able to spot Mr. Right. Basically, if you knew better you'd do better ladies.


Samantha always had a way with words. The sexually adventurous rebel of the group taught us that when it comes to a woman’s sexuality there are no rules. Like the great pop icon Madonna said, “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another.”


Even the most perfect woman on the Upper Eastside, Charlotte York, couldn’t find her prince charming.  Fast-forward through a few boyfriends and a failed marriage, and she tossed her high requirements of her ideal suitor like a bad habit.  Basically, there’s point in a female’s life where she understands that life is about sacrifices, and that sometimes means choosing personality over looks when it comes to dating. And there you have the short synopsis of how Charlotte York ditched her Episcopalian roots for Judaism, and became Mrs. Goldenblatt and taught us love comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms.


Sometimes we over-think. Ladies, it's okay to think a guy actually is interested in you for more than sex.


As much as we feel like guys purposely screw us over with on-and-off again relationships, we are just as guilty. Flashback to a desperate Carrie Bradshaw running for her life after Big's wife Natasha caught the two having an affair– touché. If the relationship is done then be done. If you continue to let him come back time and time again. It's your life, make choices that you can comfortably live with.


Be selfish. After wasting the so-called best years of your life aka your 20's on guys, you deserve some good ol' me time.


Not all advice is good advice, even when its coming from your best gal pal.



To put it simply, sometimes a girl just needs a good screw. No relations, just one night. While we don’t necessarily condone making this a habit we do understand it’s a time and place for everything and a girl has got needs, just like Party Next Door crooned on his hit “Persian Rugs”, “Are we turning up or are we wasting time? Girl don’t waste my time. You know I’m Party, I don’t just want to chill with you.”



Sometimes keeping it too real can go left very quickly. Ladies, when all else fails keep calm and put on your best poker face. The goal is to keep him wondering not running for the exit after revealing you’ve got a few loose screws and lingering daddy issues dating back to the early 90’s.


As women we spend so much of our lives looking for the right guy that life passes us by. Be selfish for once and let the guy find you, don’t go searching for love. There’s nothing sexier than an independent, self-sufficient, and well established woman.

SATC 3Eventually, all (well most) guys come to their senses and finally realize that you’re the one.  While it took Big nearly a decade to fully commit to Carrie we're hoping love will come quicker than that for the rest of us, but time tells all.


We’ve all stalked our exes secretly before. Whether you’re interested in new-age social media trolling or the old school method of just pulling up on him and setting out camp in your car cheaters style every girl has done it. And to make matters worse, when he moves on before you the self-doubt will sink in but hold on ladies don’t let his rebound game it consume you.


The three most important in a woman’s vocabulary when it comes to a relationship are: I love you. There’s a science to it as childish as it seems but it’s true no girl wants to say it before the guy. After all, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

When its over you just know deep down inside. And if you thought for a slight moment things could be fixed an awkward moment of silence solidifies everything.


Having a gay friend is necessary– they are the best accessory a girl could ask for. Who doesn't love a guy that comprehends a girls 3 favorite C's: clothes, compliments, and cocks?


Dating an older man is an experience every female should experience. It doesn't mean you're a gold digger, it means you're tired of immature boys.



Being fabulous comes with a price tag of endless haters. If they don't pay your bills they can have several seats.



For a fashionista like Carrie Bradshaw, style was in her DNA. While being well-dressed was in her genes, she thoroughly understood that shoes make the outfit. So ladies, make sure your shoes and handbags are top notch quality.



The battle of the exes is a real thing, no myth. When things are good, they are good but when sh*t hits the fan, we all secretly hope that our exes choke and die in the most sincerest way– especially when they move on with ease.




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The 32-year-old mom-to-be who is expecting her first child, a baby girl with her boyfriend, Alex Fine, hopes to one day make their daughter proud.

“My priorities have absolutely changed, not just for creating an amazing future and life for my daughter, but because I want her to be proud of me,” Cassie shared. “I’ve heard people say that they’re nervous to raise females in today’s world, but I’m excited! I can’t wait to see her grow, learn and challenge the world right back!”

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The Brand Is Strong: Miko Branch On The Undeniable Lasting Power Of Miss Jessie's Hair Products

When you think about the evolution of natural hair products in the modern area, Miss Jessie's Hair Care easily comes to mind. Officially launched in 2004 by Miko and Titi Branch, the sisters helped set the precedent for products that work for every kind of kink, coil and curl.

As a pioneer in the natural hair care movement, Miko has seen it all. The wins, the losses and the stories of how Miss Jessie's products have changed the lives of young girls who learned to love and care for their natural hair. It's an aspect she's heard before but needed to hear again as we chat over the phone. In a calm and poised manner, the businesswoman and proud mother allows me to take her 2009 when I had my first encounter with Curly Pudding. With Dominican salons killing my curls with blistering heat and reliable family members miles away from my college dorm, Curly Pudding arrived right on time. My curls could breathe and my esteem rose a degree or two with the presence of what became their signature product.

"Titi and I thought we were coming up with hair solutions but what we quickly realized was we were helping to build back esteem; many of us were told that our hair was bad and 'not good,'" Miko tells VIBE Vixen. With over 20 years in the hair game (Miko and her late sister began in their Brooklyn brownstone as hair salon in 1997), the brand continues to find new ways to shake the table.

Their latest rollout is all about moisture and control–a la edge control. Favorites like Curls So Fresh and Honey Curls are dedicated to luscious and soft curls while Hold Me Down's coconut and argon oils give baby hairs new (and non-sticky) life.

Check out our interview below with Miko as she shares the importance of taking risks in the natural hair care market and how Miss Jessie's continues to thrive above the rest.


The new products are once again, ahead of the game. What goes into creating new mixes, especially with other brands invading the natural hair care market?

Miko Branch: We try to do one thing at a time. Over skewing is not something that we practice, particularly during a time when we have plenty of competitors where there's a lot of product from the shelf. We really feel like coming out with products that are really needed that perform well, that were developed well, make the difference. I believe Miss Jessie's continues to be a leader in this business because we truly are not coming up with a product just to compete.

Performance is particularly important to us. 'Hold Me Down' is not just an edge control that you can put on and it's going to flake or be crunchy, or maybe it stinks, the list goes on. It's something that really, really does exactly what it says it's going to do in the right way. I think with that approach to new products I think that Miss. Jessie's can continue to win.

Speaking of the new products, how would you pair the following: The one who doesn't like products, the one who is new to the natural hair movement and lastly, the one who loves a good luxury brand?

There's so many to choose from because you put a nice mix and blend in here. The product that's sticking out to me for everyone would be Multicultural Curl. It's great for someone who has a tighter coil texture, it's definitely going to bring the softness. It may not be as defined as some of the products that are a bit heavier but you certainly can't go wrong with it. Multicultural Curl also takes less expertise to use a lotion type consistency in the styling product.

Then for the woman who's really about a brand, and maybe she doesn't realize performance is really important, she's really a brand whore. We really rely on word of mouth, the efficacy of it and then also we have wonderful packaging. We're known to really front on our brand in that 'This looks like this is for this kind of person or this product is not a good enough or packaged enough for me.'

Miss Jessie's is good looking, a product like Multicultural Curl or any of our products next to any person who's really about brand names, I think Ms. Jessie's really adds something nice to the mix. It's very clean, it's nicely designed so I think just on a visual tip, I think that person would be drawn and attracted to it.


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Have you tried the best curly products? Drop a 🙌🏾 below 📸: @jeanicewebb #missjessies #multiculturalcurls #honeycurls #holdmedownedges #curlypudding #jellysoftcurls #multiculturalclear #curlymeringue #quickcurls

A post shared by Miss Jessie's (@miss_jessies) on Jun 24, 2019 at 4:30pm PDT

What are some of your favorites from the latest release?

Curl So Fresh is great because it works for tighter coils that need a burst of moisture. There's also Gloss So Good. It's so good because of all of the ingredients. It has avocado oil and jojoba oil, some many good ones. There's also Honey Curls. Our partners like Target, Walmart and Walgreens, they love it and it's our new product to market. We lose sight that we need to keep our scalped nourished and clean, and just as moisturized. Take some time out and use your fingertips to spread it around. What's great about the hair oil is the size. You're able to put it into your bag and doubles also as like a daily moisturizer.

Sonically, if you could curate a decade themed playlist for Miss Jessie's what are some of your song choices?

Growing up, my dad played a lot of soul music in our house so I'm going to take it to Donny Hathaway, I'll start with "Love, Love, Love." Our product is made with love, love, love. And then maybe I'll bring it to Stevie. I love Stevie Wonder, we were raised on Stevie. I think "As" would be my second choice.

My sister and I [Titi Branch] grew up in the 80s so next, I have to go with Eric B and Rakim's "Eric B For President." Like that song, Miss Jessie's was a real, innovated game changer in the hair industry. Titi and I were pioneers, we're trailblazers, within an industry. There were already existing haircare companies, some of them which are black. I think when I and Tiki put it down and really came to market, our twists and presentation for our buyers made us stand out.

For the 90s, I think about Brooklyn. The borough was very instrumental in who we were and what our brand was all about. Brooklyn was a melting pot so, I'm going to take it to Biggie. I love "10 Crack Commandments" because everything that he says in the song are really solid, teachable moments for many people whether it's in your personal life or whether it's in your business. We also have to add India. Aire's "I Am Not My Hair." It's so fitting.

When I think about Miss Jessie's, business and family come to mind. How did you find balance in maintaining motherhood while building the brand?  

There would be no Miss Jessie's had there not been the birth of my son. I was a single parent and I understood all of the responsibilities I was taking on and being able to provide for him was really important, it was top of my list. Luckily, I was raised by a dad who thought it was important that my sister Tiki and I be in a position of choice and freedom. So with that, he thought us being an entrepreneur was the best way to express that and to demonstrate that.

That really prompted us to think outside of the box and come up with solutions and products like Curly Pudding, Baby ButterCreme, Curly ButterCream. Those things happened out of necessity, it wasn't actually a master plan or a big plan. Those were the things that we were responding to that were happening in our lives and luckily we were able to share those creations with you all where everyone was able to benefit. So, that's kind of the beginning of it. The creation of Miss Jessie's actually was a result of us trying to balance failure and wanting to succeed and being helpful and all those things. You found all of that in the end product in the jar of magic and Curly Pudding.

I remember brands like Miss Jessie's and Carol's Daughter being met with backlash for working with major retailers. Now that we see how lucrative the move was for both the consumer and independent companies like yours, how do reflect on those moments?

I think that it's very important that your generation and the next generation like my son's to understand the sacrifices that were made from the people before us. At one time we couldn't do a lot of things and there was a lot of sacrifices, a lot of people paved the way for us to be able to be in a position of choice. The first thing is being free and being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. In 2013 my sister and I had lunch in New York and she thought our work wasn't finished.

I was like 'Well, what more do we need to do, we're really busy with everything that we're doing, we're really tired, blah, blah,' and she said "You know Miko we're influencers, we encourage many people, primarily women, to embrace their natural texture and they've done it and as a result we've been able to make a living. Our work is not done because we need to share our story and how we built our business from scratch.'

I believe particularly in this country that's important. Ownership is key and if we own more we'll be able to do more. Many of us are the first generation in our businesses. We're just now learning to set up shop, so when we have our first generation of unsophisticated business people because I believe we are, we have these knee jerk reactions to businesses that are black-owned. The decision to go into Target, and how that was "selling out" is puzzling– but that's a move for growth.

That's a distribution move that actually makes it more accessible to our customers all around the nation. The good news is that my sister took the time out before she passed away to share our story so people can unpack and learn how someone like Titi and I with no money and no capital built something from scratch. With more information, the next person will be more informed and have more appropriate reactions to business moves.

We're proud to say that we're still privately owned. Being an entrepreneur certainly extends out to be able to make the best decisions for your company.

Where do you see Miss Jessie's going and how do you view the evolution of natural hair care?

Seeing more hair products from Miss Jessie's is definitely next but exploring different areas of the beauty business like make-up and skin care. It would be uncommon for me to come to market with something like that sooner than later. I'm also working on my second book. My views and ideas of business have changed from five to ten years ago. Like the product, I've evolved as well.

With natural hair, it continues to be on the rise and the preferred style that someone actually feels more attractive in. That's a good thing but I think you know in terms of practicality, it makes sense as a daughter sees her mother wear her hair natural. She's creating a beauty standard that is normal to her daughter growing up.

Check out all of Miss Jessie's latest products here.

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Danielle Brooks Announces Pregnancy

Danielle Brooks is getting prepared for her most important role. The Orange is the New Black star took to social media Tuesday (July 2) to announce that she is “happily pregnant” with her first child.

“So elated to finally share this news with you all. I’m happily pregnant,” the actress captioned a photo of her holding a Clear Blue pregnancy test. Brooks, who is five months along, also shared the pregnancy news on her Instagram Stories writing in part, “When one chapter ends, another begins. Super excited to share with you my new beginning.”


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So elated to finally share this news with you all. I’m happily pregnant! @Clearblue #ClearblueConfirmed #clearbluepartner

A post shared by Danielle Brooks (@daniebb3) on Jul 2, 2019 at 9:01am PDT

Next month, Brooks and the rest of the OINTB cast will debut the seventh and final season of the Netflix hit drama. The 29-year-old South Carolina native plays fan favorite, Tasha “Tastyee” Jefferson and promised that fans will be “satisfied” with the finale.

“I think they’re going to feel full and feel like we’ve answered all the questions that they wanted answered,” Brooks said during a recent interview with Pure Wow.” I think people will still leave feeling hopeful for Taystee at the end of the day.”

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