Showtime! Scope Art Festival To Hit NY In March

You’ve probably heard about Swizz Beatz’s “Dean Collection” show during the Scope art fair in November. Beatz, who has helped curate some of your favorite rappers’ art collections, featured artists included in his personal collection.

The Scope show will be making its way to New York in March and we’d bet our vintage Ruff Ryder jersey that Swizz is cooking up something special. When asked by Complex if he would have his gallery ready in 2013, the producer-artist said, “No, it’s gonna take months to build out, because it has to feel global. It has to feel like you’re walking onto a set in each country. I want people to feel like they’re in India. I want people to feel like they’re in Africa. I don’t want it to be just white walls with some titles. I want it to be an experience, because art is an experience.”

Is three months enough time? We hope so. In the meantime check out some behind-the-scenes flicks of Swizz and his Dean Collection at Scope.

Artwork: The Boombox Series by Lyle Owerko

(Left to Right): Lyle Owerko (Photographer), Jonathan Mannion (Photographer), Swizz Beatz, Mike B (Fashion Stylist)