They Proved They’re Petty: Top 10 Social Media Beefs of 2014


We have to admit, as entertaining as it is, we hope Twitter beefs stay in 2014. It wasn’t long ago that if you wanted to see some ‘ish go down, you would yell Worldstar as you proceeded to head to their site. Now throwing shade and starting virtual beef in 140 characters is the new way to go and this year proved Twitter and Instagram is where the drama’s at.

From Iggy Azalea (featuring T.I.) vs everyone, to the nasty words K. Michelle directed to Soulja Boy and Lil’ Kim, some of our favorite artists showed their pettiness and we sat behind our screens and shook our heads at it all.

Check out the top 10 social media beefs of 2014.


Photo Credit(s): Getty Images