They Proved They’re Petty: Top 10 Social Media Beefs of 2014


1. Azealia Banks vs. Iggy Azalea and T.I. …again.

Recently, Azalea Banks remixed Iggy’s name to Igloo Australia and has called the “Fancy” songstress a fake for years now. She also called T.I. a shoe-shining coon during a racially-fueled rant. However it was earlier this year when T.I. went off—via Instagram—after Banks bad-mouthed his wife, Tiny, that had us like, “damn.” T.I. left a lengthy diss, calling Banks a “musty-mouthed-thot-bot-bad-body-syphilis-lipped-rectum-vomit-unimportant-ugggggly-monstrosity-of-a-maggot,” after Azalea called Tiny “meth face.”

And yet they’re still going at it on their social mediums.