They Proved They’re Petty: Top 10 Social Media Beefs of 2014

perez hilton

6. K. Michelle vs. Perez Hilton

K. Michelle just so happens to say what we’re all thinking. Earlier this year, she added her two cents on Iggy Azalea, tweeting, “How can you be from another country and rap like you’re from Memphis TN? But u don’t hear me though #offended.”

Azalea-stan and top s–t talker of the blogs, Perez Hilton changed K. Michelle’s hashtag to #jealous and what happened next was Hilton’s claims that Michelle couldn’t top the charts (which she did) and hate on Azalea’s musical success. In classic K. Michelle fashion, the R&B songstress goes from the jugular, “Now I’m going 2go heal sum hearts, u should do the same. P.S I like you better with the pink hair and ur 4 chins.” Ouch.


7. K. Michelle vs. Lil’ Kim

It started after K. Michelle called Nicki Minaj the “Queen of Rap” and told Lil’ Kim’s fans to kiss her ass, but it didn’t get ugly until another interview with The Breakfast Club this month. After the back and forth on God mother claims during Kim’s pregnancy, K. Michelle bashes the rapper’s plastic surgery calling her “Plastic Penny” and Lil’ Kim firing back with a long-winded caption on Instagram to shut it all down… with best wishes at the end, of course.