Solange Slays in New ELEVENPARIS Campaign


After changing the wedding game with her boss-like matrimonial ceremony, Solange serve us more realness in the Spring 2015 campaign for ELEVENPARIS.

Solange becomes the newest brand ambassador for the French Brand, following the footsteps of Kate Moss. ELEVENPARIS says their studios drew inspiration from the afro-house vibes in Johannessburg, South Africa.

“After the global celebrity Kate Moss, we wanted spokesmodels who would represent another facet of ElevenParis, one that is constantly on the lookout for emerging creative movements and which has designed to the rhythm of indie music since 2003. The brand’s co-founder Dan Cohen said in regards to his new search that led him to Bey’s younger sister. “For me, Solange and Christopher [another brand ambassador]  as a pair are the perfect illustration of this.”

Many in the fashion industry are beginning to take note of Solange’s eclectic style and artistic nature, as she also recently released a second Puma shoe collection.

Photo Credit: Elevenparis

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