K. Michelle Channels Billie Holiday For ‘Something About The Night’

K. Michelle channels Billie Holiday and heads back into the 1940s for “Something About The Night.” Directed by Child Basquiat, K manages to show the parallel comparison of the industry struggles within Ms. Holiday’s life and her own in her jazz-themed visual.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the reality star revealed that heartbreak and weed fuel her studio time (similar to Billie’s sad sound and drug demise).

“If I don’t have heartbreak and I don’t have issues, what am I going to write about?” She told the radio hosts. “It’s like it hurts me so bad and I just get in that studio, I be crying, high, drinking and just going through the whole thing. But I was able to create [songs]!”

Press play to watch K. Michelle as Billie Holiday in “Something About The Night.”

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