Sony Pictures’ ‘The Interview’ Tallies $1 Million On Opening Theater Day

The year’s most problematic film is making yet another headline before 2014 is over.

Sony’s The Interview pulled in an eye-popping $1 million for opening day at the box office Thursday (Dec. 25). In a statement given to CNN, Rory Bruer, Sony Pictures worldwide distribution president, stated that despite the unorthodox rollout of The Interview including an available stream on YouTube and Google Play, the premiere day accumulation was still rather impressive.

“The audience reaction was fantastic, the limited release, in under 10% of the amount of theaters originally planned, featured numerous sellouts and a first-day gross over $1 million,” Bruer said. The reel was originally pulled from being released in theaters and any other platform after hackers threatened 9/11 style attacks on those movie establishments showing the film, but the billion-dollar entertainment company decided to make the movie available starting this week. Reports from officials alluded that North Korea was behind the cyber attack, but it’s still unclear where the breach began.

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The incident even prompted a comment from President Barack Obama who mentioned that Sony made a mistake by initially refusing to drop the film.