Hackers Push Sony To Officially Cancel ‘The Interview’

The Interview is a wrap. James Franco and Seth Rogen’s controversial comedy based on killing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (no joke) won’t celebrate its scheduled Dec. 25 theatrical release worldwide following terrorist threats against theaters. MC Theaters, Regal Entertainment, Cinemark and Carmike Cinemas have refused to show the $44 million film prior. After American intelligence officials determined that North Korea was behind cyber attacks on Sony Pictures, the company said in a statement, “In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release. We respect and understand our partners’ decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theatergoers.” [NY Times]

While Twitter was lit with critics finger-wagging at Sony for pulling the flick, President Barack Obama saw no cause for alarm. In an interview with ABC News, the Commander-in-Chief urged Americans to head to the theaters, saying, “Well, the cyberattack is very serious. We’re investigating it. We’re taking it seriously. You know, we’ll be vigilant. If we see something that we think is serious and credible, then we’ll alert the public. But for now, my recommendation would be that people go to the movies.” [HuffPo]

If you haven’t seen Top Five yet, don’t sleep. The flick, directed by and starring Chris Rock as troubled comic Andre Allen, has unleashed a red band trailer where Allen recites the lyrics to N.W.A.’s “Gangsta, Gangsta” with the deepest of emotions. Charlie Rose’s facial expression is priceless. Rap along with Rock with the lyrics provided below: [AllHipHop]

Here’s a little somethin’ bout a nigga like me
never shoulda been let out the penititary
Ice Cube would like ta say
That I’m a crazy mutha fucka from around the way
Since I was a youth, I smoked weed out
Now I’m the mutha fucka that ya read about
Takin’ a life or two
that’s what the hell I do, you don’t like how I’m livin
well fuck you!
This is a gang, and I’m in it
My man Dre’ll fuck you up in a minute
With a right left, right left you’re toothless
And then you say goddamn they ruthless!
Everwhere we go they say [damn!]
N W A’s fuckin’ up tha program
And then you realize we don’t care
We don’t just say no, we to busy sayin’ yeah!
To drinkin’ straight out the eight bottle
Do I look like a mutha fuckin role model?

Fox News continues to bash Jay Z for no real reason so The Daily Show made it their duty to defend the Jigga Man in a special segment called “Hova’s Honor.” Jon Stewart asked correspondent Jessica Williams, “How could you say that about Jay Z … after all he’s done for himself?” Williams responded, “You are right, Jon. Hova has done quite a few other things since his dealing days. You would think that’d impress people on FOX, because we all know how much they like to preach to black folks about responsibility, self-improvement, and what’s wrong with the black community.” She continued: “I mean, if you go over their black male to-do list, Jay Z has it covered: good job? Check. Stable marriage? Check … Is he a good father? Check. And he’s not just pulling his pants up … the guy sells belts. Jay Z is the guy they keep saying they want all other black guys to be, but to them he’s still a crack dealer.” Take that, Fox! [The Daily Show]

Hollywood’s golden girl Betty White got her Christmas wish on The Late Late Show. Craig Ferguson surprised the former Hot In Cleveland star with a hippopotamus and the results are very, very adorable. [Vulture]