Vixen Vent: ‘Sorority Sisters’ Disrespects More Than Just the Castmate’s Image

They say be careful what you wish for and that notion is constantly coming into full fruition. As a woman that grew up on quality television, I’m always wishing, hoping, and praying that I’ll continue to see men and women that look like me on TV. Somehow when asking for that, I’m given countless reality shows that leave the worst taste in my mouth. It’s starting to get annoying and ridiculous as these women sell their souls for a little bit of money and TV time.

Unlike my friends, I don’t support reality TV shows—any of them. I did at one point, but that was when TRL was still a show, 106 and Park was hosted by AJ and Free, and the Real World wasn’t past season 25. Now I steer clear of anything that seems like a half-hour to an hour of fake story lines, bad acting and self-entitled nobodies. But even with that said, I sucked up my pride and held on to my self-respect as I watched Sorority Sisters for the first time. Bad move.

I’m not a Greek affiliate and being that I’m not, I watched this show from a bystander’s point of view. That means I became ignorant to those I do know have pledged—like my grandmother, sister and countless college friends—because these women were representing their sororities. By the looks of it, they were showing America what it allegedly means to pledge a Divine Nine sorority and what the sisterhood was “really” about—ignorance, disrespect, and cattiness—not education, community service, scholarship and activism.

Luckily I know better.