Vixen Vent: ‘Sorority Sisters’ Disrespects More Than Just the Castmate’s Image

sorority sisters

It’s obvious that the Greek letters that they pledge, the founders’ legacy they vowed to continue, and the lifetime sisterhood holds no value, because they easily traded it all for the social media followers and to have their faces on a party flier. You don’t diminish the hard work and reputation because money hungry corporations are seeking to suck the blood from any idiot looking for a junky fix.

There are only nine out of (too many to count) Greek-letter organizations in the country that were founded by blacks. Out of all the sororities that could’ve misrepresented themselves, these women decided they were going to represent the ONLY four sororities founded by blacks. Out of all the schools to represent, these women represent the legacy of an HBCU. And most of all, out of all the ratchet reality shows that give women 15 minutes to make complete fools of themselves, these women decide to take the plunge.

Unlike other reality shows I’m holding this one to another level because not only are these women degrading themselves, their founders’ legacy and what their sorority currently stands for, but they are also disrespecting HBCUs. You would think to be college-educated, you’d understand your history—your real history, not that manmade textbook crap you’re taught. You would be fully aware that you stem from kings and queens and in doing so, degrading yourself on TV would’ve never crossed your mind. You would have the knowledge to understand the value of your image.