Vixen Vent: ‘Sorority Sisters’ Disrespects More Than Just the Castmate’s Image


Why is it so hard for people to grasp that when you do things for TV and play the fool they want you to be, you aren’t just representing yourself? In this case it’s yourself, family, sisterhood and Historically Black College and University. When did it get so hard to understand? Especially with everything going on, the last thing you should do as a black woman is further perpetuate the negative stereotype of our race.

If there weren’t enough examples of the exploitation that is reality TV—especially those on VH1 and under the tutelage of Mona Scott-Young—I might understand why these women exploited themselves and their sororities. But we have enough examples. These shows are for pure entertainment and unfortunately in our society right now, “good entertainment” is women bringing each other down and self-disrespect for the world to see.

If you want to see more of yourself on TV and the perks that come with it, work for it. Don’t misuse yourself and your affiliations for the quick route to success. Stop perpetuating the stigma that black women that are supposed to be on the upper echelon have no class, education, dignity nor respect for other women. Stop thinking it doesn’t matter because it does. Don’t be so quick to sign your reputation and self-respect away because it seems like the cool thing to do.

But for the Vixens looking to join undergraduate or graduate chapters of these prestigious organizations. These that built on the premise of scholarship, sisterhood and public service, ignore the characters you saw on Sorority Sisters and flip the page to check out the women that are a part of these Divine Nine orgs.