Spike Lee Edits The Killing Of Eric Garner With The Death Of Radio Raheem

Spike Lee took to Twitter Thursday (Dec. 4) to share a video in which he edited the killing of 43 year old Eric Garner, a father of four who was placed in a banned chokehold by Staten Island police, with the killing of Radio Raheem in Do The Right Thing..

The less than 60 second video shows Garner’s arrest and subsequent chokehold in which he screams “I can’t breathe” and that of the chokehold placed on Radio Raheem in the classic 1989 film.

It should also be noted Radio Raheem’s death was inspired by the 1983 killing of Michael Stewart, a 25 year old Brooklyn graffiti artist who was who was arrested, beaten and placed in a chokehold for spray painting a wall in a subway station. A medical examiner ruled Stewart died from strangulation. The 11 officers involved in Stewart’s death however, were all white and all acquitted.