Premiere: Stream Polly A’s ‘Distorted Fairytales’ And Reevaluate Cuffing Season


Polly A isn’t about those fairytale endings. She’s dealt with men who are “clumsy with her love” so those Cinderella love stories can kick rocks. Distorted Fairytales are for those who can stomach dark and dysfunctional relationships between men and women. The kind where a woman loses someone who is her lover and friend and ends up in heartache hell; her tears the only thing that can soothe that seething pain. It’s relationships based in reality. Too real at times.

Another no-chaser lesson is delivered on “Just a Man” where women loving the same man have a sit down. This isn’t a “Boy is Mine” conversation however. “He’s just a man/ he gon’ tell you what he can/ and pray if you part of his plan/ Girl, his heart ain’t in command/ I paid the price, you loved him once, I loved him twice…”

If you’re a douchebag boyfriend and see this 4-song EP, know your girl’s understanding of G has been upgraded.