Watch Suge Knight Praise Lil’ Wayne And Threaten Drake In The Same Breath

Here’s Suge Knight, discussing his New Year’s resolutions.

Talking to the cameras of TMZ, the former Death Row exec assured that 2015 would be the year he releases his book and movie, but more importantly, it is the year he will “get even.” In the one-minute clip, Suge jumps from topic to topic, commenting on everything from an upcoming Tupac documentary to Lil’ Wayne’s impending split from Cash Money Records.

“Lil Wayne is somebody I got a lot of love for, I got a lot of respect for,” he said. “ It ain’t about picking him up, it’s about having his back. Because of Wayne most people got their passes so they better patch it up.”

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Immediately after showing Weezy his utmost respect, Suge took a subtle shot at Drake (yes, we realize the irony there). In what seemed to be a threat, he mentioned that Drizzy’s affiliation with Wayne keeps him in a safe zone.

“Long as you stay down with Wayne, you don’t gotta worry about the last dance wit’ the dancer. It comes.”

Watch Suge Knight’s latest group of thoughts in the video above.