Swizz Beatz Brings Together Reebok And The UFC To Form A Dope Partnership

Well, well, well. Looks like that Harvard Business Schoolin’ is definitely rubbing off on Swizz. In an unexpected business move, Swizz Beatz brings together the UFC and Reebok for a mutually beneficial deal.

Swizz–who acts as Reebok’s creative director–orchestrated the partnership, which makes the sneaker line the official outfitter for UFC, and fighters will not be allowed to wear non-Reebok logo attire to any UFC sponsored events beginning in July.

“This announcement is just the beginning of a lot of super creative things,” Swizz Beatz said. “You know we keep a couple things up the sleeve, but in January, you’ll see the start of how we can make UFC be a part of a lifestyle and doing things different.”

Fighters also get to cash in on the deal, earning 20% of all royalty for items sold with their name and likeness on it as well.

Aight Swizzy, we see you.