A Dream Come True: SZA Describes Writing Nicki Minaj And Beyonce’s ‘Feeling Myself’ Track


Listeners already know that SZA is wicked with the pen, but when it comes to writing for Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, the New Jersey native brews up a different pot of lyrics that can only elevate your being into a different atmosphere.

In an interview with SwaysUniverse.com, the TDE signee described what it was like creating a few words for Minaj’s The Pinkprint track “Feeling Myself” with Queen Bey on the hook.

“Yeah, I wrote parts of that. A nice chunk of that [laughs], I’m on the credits so I think it’s really interesting,” she said. “It was dope meeting Beyoncé, she’s tight, she’s perfect actually.” The “Sobriety” singer was tapped by frequent collaborator Hit-Boy to lend her writing talents to the soundscape, which he revealed earlier this month. SZA also dished on their chemistry in the studio, mentioning “…we vibe together just because he’s such a cool kid. He’s not pretentious at all, for as accomplished as he is he’s just super welcoming and drinks like chocolate milk all day, honestly the nicest kid.”

In terms of creating new music since writing for world-renowned artists, SZA is putting her focus back on curating her personal forthcoming project titled A, which she mentioned is steadily “getting there” since she’s whipped up new content while traveling the states on the Enter The Void tour this year.

“I’ve learned a lot and I’m more vulnerable than I once was before. I was like pretending to be vulnerable because it’s like I’m awkward naturally but I’m also very afraid to just be like all comfy because people can do all types of shit and fuck your stuff up when you’re too vulnerable,” she said. “But I think at some point you have to commit and literally put your genitals to the wall like you got to just do it [laughs]. So I’m now at that point where it’s like do it or get the fuck out.”