T.I. Responds To Q-Tip’s Hip-Hop Lesson In Iggy Azalea’s Defense

For all those waiting on Iggy Azalea to respond to Q-Tip’s (quite helpful and handy) lesson in the origins of hip-hop culture, it seems that may not take place. Instead, the Aussie rapstress’ Grand Hustle CEO has come to her defense. In an equally lengthy response to Q-Tip’s shedding of light, T.I. took to Twitter with commentary of his own. Addressing the protective mentality that black artists have with hip-hop culture, he stated that Iggy merely wants to “contribute” to it. Referring to Q-Tip’s rundown as “useful info,” he encouraged his artist to “apply it where most useful.” Peep T.I.’s full response to Q-Tip below: