Advertisers Pull Out Of VH1’s ‘Sorority Sisters’ After Twitter Backlash

Here is an exhibit of the power of Black Twitter. VH1’s latest controversial reality show, Sorority Sisters, is not being received well – at all – by the members of fraternities and sororities, who note the negative portrayal of black Greek organizations. And now they are paying for it. Literally. Presented in a similar fashion as Love & Hip-Hop, Sorority Sisters features the same melodramatic rifts between cast members as its equally controversial counterpart. Enacting the hashtag #BoycottSororitySisters, Twitter users expressed their discontent with the show and called attention to advertisers. Now, companies such as Carmex, Hallmark, Honda, and Crayola have all pulled their ads from the network during episodes of Sorority Sisters: SEE ALSO: Vixen Vent: ‘Sorority Sisters’ Disrespects More Than Just the Castmate’s Image

Watch the premiere episode of Sorority Sisters here.