Watch: Chris Rock Says Kanye West Might Exceed Jay Z As The Best Rapper Of All Time

Chris Rock thinks only one person in Hip Hop might actually surpass Jay Z for the best rapper of all time title, and that artist is “Big Brother” collaborator Kanye West. In an interview with MTV, the Top Five comedian stated that Yeezy is “the most interesting guy that ever picked up a mic,” and that he’s gunning for the number one spot as GOAT of rap even though the Roc Nation leader will always be the greatest lyricist ever. “It’s just what it is. This is kind of indisputable, it is boring to say he’s the best rapper ever, but facts are facts,” Rock said on Jigga. “Kanye is getting on him, Kanye may eventually pass him.” SEE ALSO: Questlove and Chris Rock Share Personal Stories About Biggie, Puffy and Kanye West The pair have had a working relationship since Rock’s sketch on Mr. West’s “Blame Game” melody off his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In a recent sit-down with Vulture, Rock also praised the aforementioned project’s genius, expressing “He might be the only guy that did party records that make you think. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s probably the best piece of music made in the last 25, 30 years. It’s better than Thriller … There’s no ‘Baby Be Mine’ on that record!” Watch the interview above.