Watch: Director Jonas Akerlund Details Process Behind Beyonce’s ‘Haunted’ And ‘Superpower’ Videos


Famed videographer Jonas Akerlund has worked on putting together futuristic mini-reels for today’s top artists, and after working on Beyonce’s self-titled visual album released in 2013, Akerlund reveals the detailed process behind putting together two of the projects images.

Creating the storyboard for “Haunted” and “Superpower,” Akerlund said “these two videos that we just did are a little unique because they have less choreography than she usually does. It’s a little less performance, it’s a slightly different tone than what she usually does.” His mission was to take the world-renowned vocalist out of her comfort zone, and introduce her to different forms of visual art, but still remain true to Bey’s persona.

Watch the video above.