Alicia Keys Calls for Peace and Love ‘We Gotta Pray’

In the wake of the no indictment ruling over the death of Michael Brawn and Eric Garner, Alicia Keys is using her voice to promote peace with “We Gotta Pray” video.

The powerful call to action video continues to shed light on issues inequality and racism as a myriad of slide shows feature people fighting for justice around the world.

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Without making an actual appearance in the piano ballad, she sings “trying not to cry, barely holding on. What the hell is going on, do you know who you are, do you know who we are,” she sings as images of lost lives flash on the screen. “We’re extraordinary people, living ordinary lives, with one extraordinary question, are we going to live or die? So we gotta pray.”

Press play to listen to Alicia Key’s peaceful anthem “We Gotta Pray.”