The Men Of LR Service Plumbing Will Unclog All Your Pipes (Pun Not Intended)


This is not a hoax, nor is it a joke. The men of LR Service Plumbing are indeed real business men who truly fix pipes.

(Get your mind out of the gutter)

Word of the handsome quartet exploded on Twitter when Feminista Jones introduced the plumbers to her 40K plus followers dubbing them #PlumberBae. To offer some background, LR Service Plumbing was founded in 1997 by Leonard Redway who then employed his two brothers Owen (the youngest of the trio) and Andrew along with 57 year old Michael Cannon.

While they’re plumbers by trade, they’ve also used their good looks in different ways. The above photo is from their 2011 calendar, which was sold for philanthropic endeavors, they helped rebuild Mississippi after Katrina and even support a domestic violence center.

So not only did they win the genetic contest, but they’re hardworking and charitable. C’mon, how dope is that?

Ladies, what say you? Do you all of a sudden have clogged pipe in need of repair?

Photo Credit: Twitter

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