Whoopi Goldberg Clears The Air On ‘Live’ Fart

Whoopi Goldberg’s farts have become a headline once again. The View host had to dismiss reports that she passed gas on-air, blaming a technical glitch for the toot. “I don’t fart on air for real,” Goldberg said on “Fart-Gate.” In 2011, a similar incident took place. [Vulture]

Soon-to-be Late Show host Stephen Colbert had fire conversation with Smaug the dragon last night. Things got hot and heavy, especially at the end. [Vulture]

Chris Rock gave Dave Letterman hell on Thursday night’s Late Show for not offering him the hosting gig. “I sat around, cleaning your cars for all these years, shining your shoes, buffering up your chifforobe, and I didn’t get one offer for this job!,” Rock said. Letterman shot back saying he didn’t get a role in his star-studded Top Five flick, either. [Jezebel]

Community Stans, rejoice! Childish Gambino is bringing his talents back to TV. FX has ordered the pilot for Atlanta, a comedy where the man born Donald Glover will play an aspiring rapper, a role he’ll definitely nail. [Variety]