Will Cam’ron’s ‘Purple Haze 2′ Album Be His Final Project?

It looks like Cam’ron might retire his witty wordplay next year. The Harlem native revealed on his Instagram that his forthcoming album Purple Haze 2 will be his final compilation. While visiting the gravesite of his close friend Hud 6, the “Horse & Carriage” rapper posted the below caption to his account: “Fresh off da flight.. To see my brother.. HUD 6 told me lastnite.. #AChangeGoneCome ..my last album.. #PurpleHaze2 this summer.. It’s been fun.. But HUD said we got other things to do. #Hud6.” Rap aficionados and fans alike all celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Killa Cam’s Purple Haze which featured hits like “Down and Out,” and “Get ‘Em Girls.” SEE ALSO: What Millennials Should Know About… Cam’ron’s ‘Purple Haze’ Photo Credit: Instagram/camron