The Yale College Black Men’s Union Present ‘To My Unborn Son’ In Tribute To Michael Brown

A group of male students at Yale University have banded together to create a pivotal photo series in tribute to Michael Brown and his family titled “To My Unborn Son.”

With a string of black-and-white photos of young men holding up white board messages to their future little boys, a few captions read: “To my unborn son, you will be born with two strikes already,” and “Your skin is not a death sentence.”

Their statement to Brown’s family also reads, “We are all sons, and although our stories may differ, we know the fate of your son could also be the fate of any of us.”

This news follows the non-indictment of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson, and recently the same grand jury decision was handed down for the NYPD policeman involved in the fatal chokehold of Staten Island resident Eric Garner.

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