That One Time Young Thug Broke His Teacher’s Arm In Middle School…


Looks like Young Thug’s stage name isn’t exactly a gimmick.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 23-year-old, barely decipherable Atlanta rapper gave a few details on just how much of a “young thug” he was before joining the likes of T.I. and Birdman on wax.

“I was in the streets at eight, nine years old,” he said. “I was going to school so my dad and mom would keep buying me clothes, but when I got out I did what I wanted to do – fighting, all kinds of shit.”

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The rapper even recounted an incident that landed him in a juvenile detention facility for four years; a dispute with a middle school teacher didn’t end very well.

“I broke my teacher’s arm,” he said. “Took his ass out. Pussy-ass nigga.”

And while Thugger admitted that all he did in the detention center was “gamble, smoke and fuck,” he also remarked that he found his way to rap after a simple realization.

“Anyone can rap if you’ve got brains,” he said. “So I just went with it.”

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