Zendaya’s Stylist Law Roach Dishes on the Fashionista

Zendaya Coleman may be 18-years-old but her resume is stacked high. As a Disney star, she was already groomed to be a triple threat—singer, dancer, actress—but even she took it a step further by mastering her style profile. While still young, the fashionista and budding star is quickly making her androgynous-to-chic presence known.

A couture connoisseur, her style has managed to reach slay status in nearly five short years of being in the spotlight, much thanks to her stylist Law Roach. Law Roach and Zendaya’s relationship began as her career blossomed and continues to flourish as his expertise are keeping her one step above the trends.

“I met him through a family member and we just connected right away,” Zendaya says of Law. “We’re so comfortable with each other because I’ve been working with him since I was like 13. We just go back and forth and there will be things that I don’t like that he likes and things he doesn’t like that I like— So we just have a system.”

With over five years together he’s helped her slaughter every red carpet, magazine spread, and Instagram post. With Law by her side, her millennial appeal is so enigmatic that the multitalented star has been stamped fashion’s new “it” girl. “I am there to pull everything together flawlessly, add my two cents and expertise,” her image architect says about his “young, chic, and sophisticated,” client.  Since then Coleman and Roach have become an unparalleled and unstoppable duo stimulating the fashion scene with trendsetting styles.

We had the pleasure to sit with the fashion guru to discuss all things style, his client Zendaya, and most importantly her seamless style evolution. Vixens, continue reading to check out what Law had to say.

VIBE Vixen: How did you meet Zendaya?

Law Roach: The story of how we met is actually really funny. I was doing personal shopping in L.A. for a friend of her families and ended up meeting her dad. He was a very nice gentleman and told me about his daughter Zendaya and how she was an upcoming, multi-talented star. Interestingly enough, Zendaya was set to attend the premiere for Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never the next day. Her father contacted me to style her for the premiere and I met her at the mall where we clicked right away. She trusted my fashion expertise and I must say she had a dope sense of style to only be 14-years-old. From that moment I knew she had quality, star potential and was someone I wanted to work with long term.

How would you describe Zendaya’s style in 3 words?

Young, chic, and sophisticated.

We’ve seen past Disney stars evolve into sexualized figures once leaving the arena of the Magic Kingdom, but it seems as if Zendaya’s transition was flawless. Is there anyone to credit that to?

It’s all Zendaya. She knows who she is. What she gives you is always going to be the real her, 100%. She is also very conscious of her fans, as she has nieces the same age of her fan base. Zendaya is very aware of the influence she has and ultimately always has control. I am there to pull everything together flawlessly, add my two cents and expertise, and.

What was Zendaya’s biggest fashion moment in her style evolution?

At the 2014 Grammy’s she wore a to-die-for Emanuel Ungaro dress. This started it all for her style evolution. At 17-years-old, Zendaya was slaying the red carpet like a veteran. In my heart and in my spirit I knew that was the dress for her. We took a chance and went with a bold and edgy look. It was perfect, just enough of a thigh high split balanced by a sheer, long sleeved top.

Do you feel like you’ve done your job as a stylist when you see the praise Zendaya receives when it comes to her style?

Yes, of course. I am beyond proud of the success and progress we’ve made thus far. But overall, as a stylist I feel like I can’ sit back and watch the praises roll in either because I’m on to the next ensemble, red carpet or premiere. I will say, Zendaya has always had creative control over her brand. I’ve never pushed her to do something promiscuous or anything out of her character. We respect one another, which is key in any working relationship.

Zendaya has been receiving so much praise as a fashion “it” girl that clothing brands are taking notice of the beauty. Tell us your thoughts about her being the face of Madonna’s Material Girl.

I love her being the cover girl of Material Girl because it really speaks to who Zendaya is. Most times celebrities endorse brands that aren’t true to them and it’s almost like selling out. Material Girl on the other hand offers trendy, fashion-forward fashions for the teen and young adult girl just like Zendaya. I like to call Material Girl the Ungaro of Macy’s, as it combines great quality and design for an affordable price. Not every young girl can afford to go out and buy an Ungaro dress like Zendaya, but with Material Girl we are giving girls that opportunity at a budget friendly price.

Did you have any input in the Material Girl campaign? 

I actually styled the campaign, which was a lot of fun.

What is the future, style-wise, for Zendaya? 

We are at a place where we can do whatever the fuck we want. Zendaya owns it every time without missing a beat. Not to be cocky but she can stand next to an Erykah Badu or a Rihanna and not sink. The sky is the limit for this chick and we’re just getting started.


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