6 Vacation Spots That Won’t Break The Bank

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

If you work extremely hard, you know what it’s like to need a vacation. You know that it’s time to travel, see the world and leave work alone for at least a few days.

So, you’re ready to step out and explore different parts of the country but you’re also working on a tight budget. What if I told you that you could travel to some of the hottest destinations, the host of some of the best foods, heart racing theme parks, warm weather and complimentary cocktails, all without breaking the bank. I’d guess that you would get that time off from work and start planning your getaway.

Catch six vacation spots that are sure to fit your budget.


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6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

1. Las Vegas

Sin City! Las Vegas is America’s largest playground. Slot machines, black jack tables, cool shows, hiking, shopping, gourmet restaurants and always something to do, Vegas should be at the top of everyone’s budget vacation. There’s always a deal going on so save your money until after you’ve checked in.

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has provides all the perks of a royal Caribbean vacation at a fraction of the cost. Home to numerous all-inclusive resorts, beautiful warm sandy beaches and plenty of  tasty seafood to satisfy your appetite, Puerto Rico is an excellent destination for bargain-hunters looking to stay in the lap of luxury.

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

3. Orlando

I mean it’s the home of Disney World! With hotels as low as $61 dollars per night that provide FREE shuttle buses to all of Orlando’s main theme parks which include, Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World and other main attractions, help to ease the cost of ground transportation. Food can be extremely reasonable as Orlando is known for some of the best buffets to get more bang for your buck. Orlando might be on the menu soon, right?!

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

4. Dominican Republic

With beautiful cities like Punta Cana and inexpensive all-inclusive (meaning food plans included) resorts, the Dominican Republic makes for the perfect getaway to enjoy good food and relax poolside under the hot sun. You can find hotels such as the Majestic Colonial Beach Resort in Punta Cana at a surprisingly affordable; around $212 per night for two people. Not bad at all.

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

5. Nashville

With the lowest hotel prices in the south and good ole country music, Nashville, Tennessee makes for the perfect getaway. Nashville is the epitome of “Southern Hospitality”. With an array of things to do and scrumptious restaurants that serve up the best BBQ and biscuits and gravy, you just be tempted to book that trip today.

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank

6. New Orleans

Enjoy spicy cajun food, Mardi Gras, jazz, blues and rock-n-roll? Then New Orleans is your destination vacation. With an array of budget hotels and always a good party happening you might want to head straight on over to Expedia and book that trip.