9 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj’s ‘My Time Again’ Documentary


In the second installment of Nicki Minaj’s MTV My Time Again, the female rap phenom born Onika Maraj is stripped down to the core.

We ride shotgun on her emotional ride while recording her most personal album to date, The Pink Print. The doc was taped in a four-and-a-half months since last summer, according to Dave Sirulnick, executive vice president for Multiplatform Production, News and Music at MTV.

Here, you’ll see Nicki at her most vulnerable, like curled up on a couch and crying in the studio listening to “The Crying Game.”

“I didn’t know when I set out to make this album that it would entail an emotional rollercoaster in my own real life,“ Nicki says.

But one thing the female spitter does know is this: “I’m willing to fit the people I love into my world by any means necessary. I’m no longer putting my career over who I love because it’s not worth it,” she says. “You need that for your soul just to be able to enjoy life.”

Here are 9 things we learned while watching My Time Again, airing this Sunday, Jan. 18 on MTV at 10pm ET.—Richy Rosario