Not So Fast: Monster Sues Dr. Dre Over Beats Headphones



Don’t cash that check just yet. Audio equipment maker Monster is suing Dr. Dre for allegedly stealing the idea for Beats Headphones and doing shady business.

The complaint was filed today (Jan 9) in San Mateo Superior Court claiming Dr. Dre, born Andre Romelle Young, along with Beats co-founder Jimmy Lovine, defrauded and betrayed Monster CEO Noel Lee when the companies parted ways in 2012. Monster alleges Dr. Dre’s line of headphones was “fraudulently acquired.”

Dr. Dre is noted as the “first billionaire in hip hop,” even surpassing moguls Diddy and Jay Z, after selling its line of headphones, speakers, and audio software to Apple, Inc. for $3.2 billion.

Photo credit: Getty