Delta Suspends ‘Sorority Sisters’ Co-Stars



Now you see them, now you don’t. Days after Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. suspended Sorority Sisters cast mates April McRae and Joy Hammond for 18 months, Delta Sigma Theta has followed suit.

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After a brief season of cat-fighting, bickering and embarrassment of historical organizations, looks like the Deltas had seen enough, permanently suspending the Deltas who appeared on the show. The now ex-Deltas are Lydia Mitchell and Priyanka Banks from Alabama State University; MeToya Monroe, State University of West Georgia; Adrene Ashford from Marietta; and Shanna McCormick from Nashville.

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Their suspension came only days before their organizations founder’s day. The news of their expulsion occurred on the same day VH1 unceremoniously ended the season, airing the remaining three episodes on a Friday night, with no repeats for the west coast audience. The show in it’s entirety has been wiped clean from VH1’s website as if the show never existed.

VH1 has not commented about the suspensions, nor has provided an official cancellation of the show.