Grand Juror in Michael Brown Case Wants Court to Remove Gag Order


A member of the grand jury that chose not to indict Darren Wilson in the murder of slain teenager Michael Brown has sued, in federal court, to have the gag order removed and be able talk about the case publicly.

The juror, referred to as “Doe,” is currently being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and according to the suit, questions “the implication that all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges.”

Specifically, the suit filed against charges St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch, who would be the prosecuting officer should the juror speak publicly about the case. In Missouri, it’s a misdemeanor for grand jury members to discuss evidence or information about a case presented to them.

Clearly this juror wants to speak their mind about the decision (and maybe spill some tea), as the suit also mentions that “the investigation of Wilson had a stronger focus on the victim (Brown) than in other cases presented to the grand jury,” and “the public characterization of the grand jurors’ view of witnesses and evidence does not accord with Plaintiff’s own.”

It’s unclear as to whether or not “Doe” may be able let their voice be heard, though some suspect that’ll most likely be a “no” from the judge, as this was a very high-profile and sensitive case.

Vixens, weigh in. Should this grand jury member be able to speak about the case publicly?