Issa Rae Is Tired Of Talking About Race


Rae was inspired to start the hit web-series after reading an article about the lack of black female nerd characters on the big screen. Premiering in 2011, Rae used ABG as a vehicle to highlight not only the plight of having to navigate through new and uncomfortable situations, but also doing so, while black.

Though in a recent essay on, which is titled Can We Not Talk About My Race for a Minute?, Rae talks about her exhaustion with the constant conversations surround race, and the constant pressure to prove one’s level of blackness.

“I love being black; that’s not a problem. The problem is that I don’t want to always talk about it, because honestly, talking about being black is extremely tiring. I don’t know how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do it. People who talk, think, and breathe race every single day — how? Aren’t they exhausted?
The pressure to contribute to these conversations now that we have a black president is even more infuriating. “What do you think about what’s going on in the world and how our black president is handling it?” asks a race baiter. “It’s all good, I guess,” I want to answer with a Kanye shrug. “I’m over it.” But am I? Could I be, even if I wanted to?”

Rae goes on to highlight the pressure to validate her blackness not only by her non-black peers, but her black peers as well.

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