New Year's Resolutions New Year's Resolutions

It's Not Too Late: 10 New Years Resolutions Every Vixen Should Have

Now’s the time of the year when the “New Year, New Me” posts begin. And while it may seem a bit cliche, the New Year is the perfect time to begin working on a new set goals and things to accomplish for the upcoming year. Whether it's a resolution to remove bad friends from your life, or 2015 is your year to get fit, there are a few resolutions that seem to be able to fit on anyone's list.

Here are a few New Years resolutions every Vixen should have.

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1. Start Trippin (Travel):

Go across the pond or just across the country. Either way, pick a date, save your coins, and take a vacation (long or short) to a city you’ve always dreamed of going to. Traveling is such an eye-opening way to experience new cultures, and also makes for memorable experiences. Traveling alone isn’t a bad idea either.


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2. Get Fit

This resolution seems to be on everyone’s list. And even if you’re a fit person, staying healthy is something you should strive for every year. Get a gym membership, try those vegetarian recipes you've been seeing, or sign up for yoga in the park every week. Do something that is beneficial to your body,



3. Be Financially Responsible

This another resolution everyone seems to have on their list. If you’ve racked up a bit of debt, make a resolution to begin to pay those down. Get a side job if you need, or consult a financial advisor to get some assistance. If you’re finances are looking pretty good, this year would be a great year to begin to invest in some stock, and if that’s not your thing, start building up a savings account. Begin to put your money in places where you’ll be able to benefit.


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4. Remove Negative Energy

If there are people in your life that are causing drama and stress in your life, it’s time to remove them. People who view life through a negative lens will make you begin to view life through the same lens. Why enter a new year on a bad foot?



5. Forgive

If there are people in your past who have wronged you, you need to forgive them. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, nor do you have to go to having a relationship with them. Forgiveness is no longer letting a person cause ill feeling inside of you, stopping social media pettiness, and moving on with YOUR life.



6. Volunteer

Giving back to a community is something that brings happiness and positivity to all of those involve. Whether you can dedicate time once a week or once a month, make a point to give your time to a local food bank, boys and girls club, or cleaning up a local park. The site helps you find opportunities in your area.



7. Follow Your Dream

Work towards getting the career you want. Go to school, go back to school, get an internship … something where you can work towards learning more about your passion and also getting an opportunity to practice it. Find a mentor to help you along the way, and you’re be on the right steps to fulfilling your dream/major goals.


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8. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

While comfort zones vary in size, begin to do things you don’t normally do. If you’re normally a reserved and shy person, make it a goal to speak up more in meetings and social settings. If you order the same thing at restaurants, make a point to try something new on the menu. If you’re always crushing on a cute co-worker but have never spoken to them in your life, muster up the courage to simply say “hello”. Taking small steps will open new doors in opportunity, and give you just the boost of confidence you’ll need in the New Year.

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9. Give Yourself a Makeover

Whether it’s finally trying out a new cut and color you’ve been dying to, or adding bold prints and colors to your wardrobe, everyone can stand to switch up their image a bit. You can start off small: try a new color before cutting your hair, and sneak in prints and colors through a new bag or jewelry. A new year is the perfect time for a new look, so whether you begin incorporate it piece by piece, or by getting a new wardrobe entirely, now is the perfect time to take the fashion risks you’ve been dreaming of.


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10. Save The Environment

Now this doesn’t particularly mean switching your gas-guzzling SUV for a solar-powered car (although you could), but a resolution to save the environment is something you can do in small ways. If you’re always on the go, buy yourself an ecologically responsible, re-usable water bottle instead of buying bottled water everyday. Start utilizing the recycling bins in the office, and begin recycling at your home as well. Invest in energy-saving bulbs, which will also lower your electric bill. Unplug devices when you’re done with them; don’t leave your phone charging hanging out the wall, unplug the coffee machine, and don’t leave lights on in rooms you’re not occupying.


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