Justin Bieber Wants To Start A Clean Slate With Everyone


With his 21st birthday around the corner, it seems as though Justin Bieber’s newfound maturity isn’t far behind. The young superstar made surprise visit on The Ellen Show yesterday with longer locks and his sleeves rolled up to show off his other sleeves. Accompanied with flowers and Calvin Klein underwear for Ellen and that adorable nervous smile that has driven us crazy since the beginning of his career, Justin’s presence was full of a new acceptance and responsibility.

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A nervous Biebs talked about his anticipated appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Roast” session, explaining to Ellen that he “thinks it’s cool to be able to laugh at yourself.” Then, more seriously, about plans to make amends with his fans—and, ultimately, himself—because past decisions that don’t reflect him as a person. After his appearance with Ellen, JB posted an emotional apology video to Facebook, explaining that he “was not who he was pretending to be.”

We’re excited to see more growth in Justin’s future career. Watch the apologetic videos to be the judge of his sincerity.