Kelly Rowland Shares Da Spoons’ First Wedding Photo

Never one to dish out too many details, Kelly Rowland gave in on New Year’s Eve and reflected on her eventful 2014 with a surprise for fans. Taking to Instagram, the new Mrs. Witherspoon shared a photo of a photo – a beautiful black and white image of her and her newlywed husband on their wedding day.

In an album on her Macbook titled, ‘Da SPOONS,’ the expanded photo from Kelly Rowland features a smiling bride looking back at a photographer, with her man right behind her. The songstress’ wedding in Costa Rica back in May was the first in a series of milestones last year, with her giving birth to baby Titan six months later.

Kelly Rowland uploaded the first official photo with the caption that reflected on her eventful year.

“‘2014′ What an amazing year……. While I said I DO, the following months brought along a HELLO to a new little life! Unfortunately, a GOODBYE as well, but HELLO again to a Guardian angel… 2+0+1+4=7 7 my lucky number! #Goodbye2014 #HELLO2015 ##HAPPYNEWYEAR”

Kelly lost her mother, Doris Rowland Garrison weeks after her son was born but it’s good to see how the star is taking the unfortunate passing.

We’re wishing her new mom/wife all the best and keeping our fingers crossed for more photos from her big day!

Photo Credit: Instagram