Malia Obama Rocks A Pro Era Tee and The Internet Breaks


A photo of 16-year-old Malia Obama wearing a Pro Era tee shirt has surfaced and the Internet’s in an uproar.

Pro Era is a Brooklyn hip-hop collective that includes rapper Joey Bada$$, Dirty Sanchez, A La $ole, among others. Aside from their musical talents, Pro Era has a clothing line that’s available for purchase, with one of their past tee-shirts causing controversy due to it’s design that was strikingly similar to the Nazi flag.

With that, the collective has been seen as a bit rebellious, as it noted that the design was purposely meant to spark dialogue about the importance peace among members of the Brooklyn community and beyond.

Maybe that’s the reason once the photo of Malia in another tee by the group made some uneasy, since mainstream media has been trying to dissect that picture’s meaning (and origin) since it surfaced Monday night (Jan 5).

Michelle Obama has been very clear that both Malia and Sasha have very limited and restricted access to social media, and the White House is reportedly investigating into how exactly the photo got leaked and by whom.

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