Wait What?! Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell Were Involved In A Quickie


Wait What: Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell Were Involved In A Quickie

Here’s something that managed to fly over all of our heads,Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell had a quickie in the bathroom.

According to a new tell-all, Taming the Beast: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson written by Mike Tyson’s former manager, Rory Holloway, it all went down at Russell Simmon’s party.

Rory writes that the two were introduced at one of Russell Simmons’ parties, “I was there to keep Mike out of trouble, doing my usual babysitting job, and when I looked over, he was talking to this girl.”

“I had to rub my eyes. I mean, the most exciting thing at that time was Naomi Campbell. She was wild and vivacious, with these legs that went on for days. I’m stuck holding their drinks ’cause Mike says he gotta use the restroom. Next thing I know, Naomi’s following him in there. Holy sh—t. Guests are walking up. ‘Bathroom’s taken,’ I’m telling them,” Rory continues.

“Minutes go by and it’s getting uncomfortable. I finally crack open the door, ‘C’mon Mike.’ I see Naomi. She’s up on the toilet, heels and long legs spread, skirt hiked up, and Mike’s pumping away.”

How did this one not hit the media? Rory sure did his job well in keeping his friend “out of trouble”.

Photo Credit: Getty Images