Premiere: Tiffany Evans Recruits Columbus Short For Her ‘Baby Don’t Go’ Video


Sexy, raw and intense are just a few adjectives singer/songwriter, Tiffany Evans, would use to describe her latest video for “Baby Don’t Go.”

Shot in Atlanta and directed by Evans herself, this Little Lady Entertainment production—which shows her chucking the deuces to a no-good bae—marks her fifth time behind the camera. “It’s fun because I like the challenge of it all,” says Tiffany, whose husband, Lorenzo Henderson, is also creative director. “Fortunately, I work with a great film crew and for the most part we all stay on one accord. I love my team!”

Scandal Stans will immediately recognize Columbus Short, who plays her leading man in the visual. Short and Evans linked through a mutual friend who requested she join forces with the actor/artist to pen songs for his new music project.

“He called me and was like, ‘I’ll make this as smooth as possible for you and will help out with anything you need me to. Let’s have fun and make sure we do our song together,'” Tiffany (also a die-hard Gladiator) explained. “He’s a really humble person, easy to work with and just very professional. I enjoyed working with him.”

Press play on “Baby Don’t Go,” the first single off Tiffany’s forthcoming untitled EP, above.