Roll Call: 15 Rappers To Check For In 2015


We can’t knock anyone’s hustle… but there’s been more than a few occasions when VIBE had to seriously ponder the question: does hip-hop have enough rappers?!

Yeah, yeah. We all know the answer is or nah. So, we created a shorthand list of 15 rappers that consistently pop up on our laptop screens (by choice). This bunch is not all newbies, though. Some of these spittas have been around the block awhile — and 2015 seems like their year.

Check out VIBE’s list of 15 Rappers To Check For In 2015.

Who: Cozz
Why: Dreamville’s West Coast faction aims to uphold the lyrical precedent set by one Jermaine Cole. Quiet as kept, Cozz has been in the lab cooking up his major label debut.
Music Link: Cozz And Effect