Snoop Dogg Wants To Introduce A Taste Of Brazil


Big Snoop Dogg doesn’t go a day without maintaining his cool. He’s expected to stay fresh like a sunny day in southern Cali no matter the occasion and is always putting his fans onto new things — including drinks.

Recently, Brazilian spirit Cuca Fresca unveiled its “Time to Drink Different” campaign starring its global brand ambassador. The commercial features a backdrop of Rio de Janeiro with Uncle Snoop sprinkling his words of wisdom into the mix, “You can’t be cool by being like everyone else, always playing by the rules,” Snoop says. He continues, “Flip the script” and drink different.”

“Snoop’s reputation for being on the cutting edge of cool combined with his dedicated fan base will help create world-wide brand awareness for Cuca Fresca,” said Phoenix Kelly-Rappa, Cuca Fresca CEO. “We are thrilled with this unprecedented partnership and its potential to make Cuca Fresca a household name.”

Watch the commercial above.