Vixen Chat: Jazmine Sullivan Talks New Album ‘Reality Show’ and Her Return to Music


It’s a rainy Monday (Jan. 12) afternoon in New York City, but a feeling of joy is in the air at Platinum Recording Studios. It’s been nearly four years since soulful chanteuse, Jazmine Sullivan, released her critically acclaimed album Love Me Back and gracefully bowed out of the spotlight, professing that the stigma of celebrity was too much to bear. But today is her day, her moment of truth if you will. With 24 hours before the release of her hotly awaited third studio album, Reality Show, the pressure is on but Sullivan’s vibe is chillingly cool as she waves and flashes a smile to a few press participants in the lobby of the recording studio, vanishing down a dark hall way lit by candles and followed by her glam team and record label reps.

After 45 minutes of industry schmoozing and champagne a tall man announces her arrival bellowing, “Welcome Ms. Jazmine Sullivan.” The intimate crowd parts the studio floor like the Red Sea and Sullivan sashays her way to a single stool alongside her guitarist as the room roars with applause. “Hey y’all,” the North Philly native bashfully says. “I’m a tad bit under the weather but we’re still rocking today,” she explains as she pulls her trench coat closer to her concealing her enviable Jessica Rabbit curves covered by a fitted red dress.

“My eyes ain’t used to these rays/I’m feeling exposed but I can’t hide no more, I can’t hide/As the sun shines on all of my glory my flaws don’t look so bad at all/What was I so afraid of?” Sullivan smoothly sings on the self-assured and rehabilitating track “Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)”. This isn’t the same chick that was busting out car windows or claiming she was regrettably in love with another man, no. Three minutes into the acoustic performance and it’s apparent that the 27-year-old has matured. With not a single dry eye in the house, Jazmine divulges her emotions, fears, and optimism towards many things, one being love and the most important of all, self-love.

While many fall short when pursuing a comeback, Sullivan proves to be a contender. Hiatus, who? Jazmine serves us the same good ole’ raspy and robust vocals that captured our hearts when she first emerged on the music scene, but her delivery has evolved into that of a confident woman. Contrary to the title, Reality Show is empowering, refreshing and thought provoking. Four years and 12 anointed tracks later, Sullivan’s time capsule of emotions has given life to a remarkable album that is sure to have everyone singing her praises.

The powerhouse vocalist graciously sat with VIBE Vixen for an intimiate session of Vixen Chat to fill us in on what’s been going on in her world. Continue clicking as she spills the tea on her new album Reality Show and more.

Photo Credit(s): Twitter, Getty Images