Vixen Vent: Black Women On TV Reality Vs. Scripted


Vixen Vent: Black Women On TV Reality Vs. Scripted

Let’s get straight to it; no introductory paragraph, no sugar coating my beliefs and  no sweet talking the issue. Why are black women’s portrayal in reality TV so different from the scripted dramas that some of our favorite brown chicks lead?

In scripted dramas like Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and Empire, the leading African American women are career driven, educated and quite powerful. In reality TV shows like Love and Hip Hop, Sorority Sisters and Bad Girls Club, many of the black women show a prominent difference from the ones we see in scripted television. Can black women only be powerful, smart, career focused and still be entertaining only in script, when lines are written for us, when we are getting paid to stick to the story line?

Don’t get me wrong, we are all flawed as Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, even though scripted, show that we are all works in progress. Yet still VH1’s Sorority Sisters (which recently announced their cancellation), based off of the few female groups that encourage sisterhood, has a way of trying to tarnish what many black women are, powerful and extremely smart human beings.

Where is the reality show following the millennial entrepreneur and thier struggles in making it to the top or the 40 year old mother balancing marriage, children and a full time job? Right, that’s not entertaining enough. We need drama, fights, name calling and bottle throwing for higher ratings and advertising dollars and get pacified with the few scripted series that portray black women in positions of power.

It would be nice to see scripted as reality. Will we ever get it? I sure do hope so.


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