Wale Addresses Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria: ‘Where Are You Safe At?’


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Nigeria has been recently plagued with a slew of violence. On (Jan 3) the African country suffered a terrorist attack by the group Boko Haram, on Baga, a town in northeast Nigeria. It’s been estimated that over 2,000 people were killed. The terrorist group, is the same one responsible for abduction of about more than 200 schoolgirls – sparking the worldwide campaign #BringBackOurGirls, last year. Boko Haram militants reportedly opened fire through villages, and used young girls in a suicide bombing. And like many us, rapper Wale doesn’t understand why this senseless violence is happening. The Washington, D.C., rapper who was born to Nigerian parents; recently sat down with MTV News to discuss his feelings on the recent mass murder. “It’s f–ked up and it’s just like, ‘Where are you safe at? Where?” he said. The MMG rapper doesn’t seem to understand why religion is being used for violence instead of love. “Something as pure as religion — which is essentially love, love for mankind and respect and loyalty to your spirit, a loyalty within self, a love within self — it’s so crazy that has been used as a tool to kill, to murder and to have no boundaries,” he said. “That’s the most unfortunate thing. If you can take religion and use that as something to spin and make it hell on earth.” Wale delivered a universal message on what he feels really matters: “It’s one of those things where we can complain all we want: My feet hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurts, my girl broke up with me’ — you got to look a little deeper into the world. These are minuscule, minor things compared to what’s going on in the world,” the rapper concluded. Watch the full video above.